What is VozMaya?​

Bright, Whimsical Playing Cards

Learning Flash Cards

There are many things that you can bring home following a trip to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula: tequila, t-shirts and Mexican handcrafts, to name a few. VozMaya cards are a unique, 32-card deck offering entertainment as you learn the rich Maya culture and history.

The front of each VozMaya card shows a Maya object with the associated word in Mayan, with the phonetic pronunciation in English underneath. The same word in Spanish, with phonetic pronunciation, then English, is shown on the back of each card, along with the cultural associaton of the word for the Maya people.

The cards are used to play the game of Loteria, or Mexican bingo, and at the same time, reinforce learning about the Maya culture, making the game fun to play! Another game is HedBanz, played by placing an unknown card up to your head while you guess which card it is as friends give you a variety of hints.

No matter how you use VozMaya cards, you will be better informed and better able to converse with the people of the Yucatán on your next vacation. 


|||  Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico  |||  Bend, OR, USA

BEND:  TEL. 541.241-79158 | Cel Mexico: 33-1108-5554  

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